The following proposals are only some of my ideas. Please consult the different options with me; nearly everything is possible ...

  • Appetizers

  • A variety of classical and modern snacks, antipasti and tapas. Traditional appetizers which have been newly interpreted.

  • Fingerfood

  • Cold and warm bite-sized portions presented and served on small dishes. Ideal for stand-up events.

  • Spoon

  • All dishes are arranged on spoons. You can enjoy these mini treats in every kind of variety, either traditionally prepared or composed of selected ingredients.

  • Pintxos-Bar (Basque Tapas)

  • The Basque variety of Spanish Tapas is called 'Pintxos'. The rule is to eat a 'Pintxos' in two bites whilst standing. 'Pintxos' are always served on a slice of French bread or toast.

  • Amuse-Bouche Menu

  • Instead of a 3- or 4-course menu a dinner which consists of multiple tiny creations will be served. 12 bite-sized dishes in four courses will transport you through a culinary world trip.

  • Indonesian Rijsttafel

  • This abundant Indonesian food culture was brought back to Europe by the Dutch colonial rulers and has been an all time favourite ever since. A variety of meats, vegetable and rice dishes are served as a buffet or as a sit-down meal.

  • Curry-Buffet

  • Let the colors and senses of subcontinental India seduce you. This menu can be served as sit-down meal or buffet.